Field Support Knowledgebase

Knowledge. Your sharpest tool at the ready

Equip your Field Technicians with access to the knowledge they need when they need it

The truth is that people come and go. Your best talent — the most experienced people in your organization — will one day relocate or retire. So how can Operational Leaders prepare for the inevitable?How can the organization make sure that what its most technically 

experienced people know is available for those who need it most? To ensure the tool of “know-how” remains sharp and ready to deploy? We call it KnowledgeBase. And with Opsivity, knowledge will never go missing.

Opsivity harnesses the collective knowledge of the organization for access on demand

If a valuable tool goes missing, the delay caused in finding or replacing it is costly. And yet when it is securely stored, readily accessible, and easily shareable, things run smoothly. We know that knowledge is the tool that enables Field Technicians to find the answers to their questions, regardless of their level of training or expertise. If they don’t possess that skill set, it’s knowing where to find the necessary documentation and data required to resolve an issue quickly. It’s understanding that an answer is only a click away. Opsivity’s KnowledgeBase is continually enhanced with every live video chat, text, AR-enabled video feed, annotation, checklist — every interaction — that occurs between teams in the field and Subject Matter Experts. More simply, KnowledgeBase is everything the company knows for the people who most need to know. Now 

Smarter access to organizational know-how

Smart Recommendations

Relevant insight and intelligent recommendations based upon what the technician is looking for: articles, support documentation, checklists, and so much more, all driven by the powerful search engine that is KnowledgeBase. 

Share and grow knowledge

KnowledgeBase archives and makes sharable the collective knowledge of the organization and the insights of your most skilled people. It’s know-how made accessible.

Integrating documentation

The true power of KnowledgeBase is that it builds upon expertise learned as it is being built by expertise gained. Automatically. Across all activities. And documented through every interaction. 

Connect your Field Teams now with the expertise they need