More than an app. Opsivity is confidence
bolstered by knowledge at the ready

KnowledgeBase is accessible know-how
Opsivity harnesses the collective knowledge of the organization for access on demand

Smart recommendations for resolution
AI-driven suggestions provide techs with relevant insight and intelligent solutions.

Right-now collaboration with SMEs
Connected expertise for field techs needing to work with your most knowledgeable people.

Real-time access to equipment and data
Documentation and visibility to faster solutions for the issues and equipment at hand.

Checklists and procedures demystified
Eliminate the questions and employ proven frameworks for successfully solving problems.

AR-enable video chat speeds resolution
Live discussion and annotations to visualize break-fix, maintenance and inspection solutions.

simPRO integration enhances management
Provides a 360-degree view by connecting and reporting the activities of every tech in the field.

graphic showing iOS, Android, RealWear, and Vuzix compatibility

iOS, Android, RealWear and Vuzix compatibility
Leveraging the devices field techs already use, Opsivity makes existing ecosystems better.

How it works

Opsivity and KnowledgeBase. The most powerful tools available to technicians in the field

Because expertise is critical, Opsivity’s cloud-enabled app ensures the knowledge your organization has built is securely captured and accessible. It connects remote Field Teams with the knowledge of your company’s most experienced people and the documentation needed to solve issues quickly. All while optimizing field service management by integrating a 360-degree line of sight; connecting and reporting the activities of every tech in the field.

Opsivity’s AI-driven KnowledgeBase effectively serves the right-now needs of Operations Leaders in keeping business running. It’s efficient. Dynamic. Reliable. For Field Technicians, Opsivity provides the assurance that they are never alone and are readily equipped to tackle the most pressing issues. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Opsivity Mobile

Field Service knowledge and expertise on your mobile device

Smartphone, tablet, laptop. Mac or PC. iOS or Android

Opsivity Wearable

Bring collaborators closer with hands-free wearable Assisted Reality solutions

The Opsivity Wearable app enables field teams to conduct hands-free inspections, collaboration with experts, and view data in real-time from connected equipment.