Field Support Collaboration

The power of collaboration. At your fingertips

Connect your Field Technicians with the expertise and insight of your most knowledgeable people

What if every technician in the field had the know-how of your most experienced people? To resolve on-the-spot issues more efficiently. With the confidence in knowing they can tackle even the toughest job in less time and more safely

using the devices they already have at the ready: be it a tablet, laptop, wearable, or smartphone. What if training new hires or those with less technical knowledge could happen in real-time, while on the job? With Opsivity, it can!

Opsivity is the person-to-person connection to problem-solving made easier.

For those in the field, Opsivity is the cloud-enabled app that effectively brings the insight and expertise of your best people within reach. Imagine the technician is in a remote area and facing a piece of equipment they have never seen before. Opsivity can identify the device and its operating data — schematics, component parts, and procedures routed by location. When needed, the technician uses the app to connect with a Subject Matter Expert using live video chat, as if the SME was right there, on site. Using photos or video to document the issue and annotations to explain and guide pathways to identifying effective solutions leads to faster resolution for break-fix, maintenance and inspection issues. AR-enabled video and chat enhance instruction. Interactions are captured, catalogued, and archived as part of Opsivity’s powerful KnowledgeBase so that similar future issues may be addressed with greater ease and efficiency. As KnowledgeBase learns more from collaborative engagements between technicians in the field and SMEs, it may assist in creating predictive models to address potential issues before they happen.


Collaborative insights when they're needed most

Be there. In real-time

Your field teams need to know they’re not alone. Subject Matter Experts have their backs. Whenever and wherever collaboration between those who know and those who need to know. 

Everyday devices

It’s vital that field techs have the tools they need. Opsivity makes it even simpler by putting to use the devices they already use: smartphones, tablets, wearables, and laptops.

AR-enabled annotations

Collaborative AR-enabled video and chat, photos and annotations, checklists and smart recommendations enable techs to report and resolve issues faster.

Building upon knowledge

Each real-time interaction is captured and becomes a valuable reference datapoint within Opsivity’s KnowledgeBase. From here forward, you’ll never leave know-how behind.

Connect your Field Teams now with the expertise they need