Global commercialisation push for Infinity and Opsivity solutions

Perth, Australia, November 22, 2021 – Following the successful launch of Opsivity Inc in October 2021 Harvest Technology Group (ASX: HTG) continues to accelerate growth and expansion into global sectors in line with Phase 2 of its Three-Phase Strategic Plan.

The global commercialisation push for Infinity and Opsivity solutions is supported by a refinement of the group’s operating model and changes within the Group’s Leadership Team. David Fosberg, who is Chief Customer Officer, will have his role expanded to include full strategic responsibility, focusing on increased growth and profitability, for both Infinity and Opsivity divisions as well as their overall product strategy, sales, marketing, and customer experience.

Sally Crawford has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer for Opsivity Inc. in the U.S and will manage the daily business services of the Opsivity business, reporting directly to Opsivity Inc. Director, and HTG CEO Paul Guilfoyle.

The commercial operating model consists of two divisions, Infinity and Opsivity.

  • Infinity – Infinity’s focus is to enable organisations to stay connected and carry out remote operations and IoT Edge applications anywhere in the world. Using its ultra-low bandwidth network optimised livestreaming solutions, Infinity customers can securely transfer real-time high-fidelity video, data, and audio from remote locations to decision makers anywhere. The same Infinity protocols also allow customers to remotely control assets in the field from the security and safety of land-based control centres. All these capabilities are optimised for customers’ existing networks whether that be satellite or terrestrial networks that are congested or limited. Because of its industry leading compression, Infinity customers can conduct an array of remote operations at a mere fraction of their existing bandwidth.
  • Opsivity – Opsivity’s focus is to help field operation organisations increase productivity by providing real-time support to technicians in the field. This is delivered via Opsivity’s self-titled SaaS based application, Opsivity™, which runs on devices field technicians already use and trust such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables. Utilising artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, Opsivity™ users can access an ever-growing operational knowledgebase capturing solutions and expertise and make it available to any member of the team to help solve issues in the field faster. Opsivity™ also allows field technicians to be connected to experts where live chat and video can be used to solve issues on-the-spot.

“Today’s global environment is necessitating organisations around the world to look for ways to enable remote field operations. HTG is uniquely positioned to help customers achieve this new industry reality”, said David Fosberg. “We now have two customer-focused business units in Infinity and Opsivity, that are connecting remote workers in the field, enhancing real-time decision making, and delivering the productivity and safety attributes that forward-looking organisations demand. With a multitude of solutions in this critical space, I am excited about working with our two business units and leading their approach to market.”

“The Infinity and Opsivity operating model ensures the platform is set for a global commercialisation push for Infinity and Opsivity solutions, enabling us to more quickly convert growth opportunities and scale seamlessly to meet new customer needs.” explained HTG CEO Paul Guilfoyle. “Andy Lowery was engaged in 2020 to setup the U.S. business and develop Opsivity™. With Opsivity™ successfully launched, our team is now focused on building an ecosystem of customers and partners. Andy has moved onto his next challenge outside of HTG and we wish him well for his future endeavours.”